EU company registration:

There is a number of features when opening company in the EU, e.g. stable economy, huge market, reliable customers and partners. Our highly experienced specialists will help you to optimize your tax and reduce risks by choosing the most suitable jurisdiction to create your business.


The Republic of Cyprus is a well known jurisdiction on the EU,it has signed agreements on avoidance of double taxation with more than 40 countries. Our professional team will help to register your Cyprus entity in shortest time:

  • company registration up to 17 business days;
  • we hold confirmed for registration company names - term 1-5 business days,
  • 12.5% income tax of,
  • 5% dividend tax

Malta is one of the most popular countries for business, where financial flows from all over the world are concentrated, that is why Malta is one of the largest business centre. Main advantages of running business on Malta:

  • 5% income tax,
  • withdrawal of dividends outside of Malta is tax free,
  • company registration is up to 3 weeks,
  • отсутствие налога на капитал и недвижимость.

If you want a low cost company for your business, at the same time European and with low tax rate, then Estonia is the best option for company registration. Advantages of Estonian company:

  • 0% income tax,
  • 20% dividend tax,,
  • company registration up to 14 business days,
  • remote company formation.

The most common company type in Montenegro is LLC (Limited liability company). Our specialists will help you get rid of the bureaucratic routine of documents preparation and will register your company in Montenegro for the shortest term. Advantages of a Montenegro company:

  • registration is up to 7 working days,
  • 9% income tax,
  • 9% dividend tax,
  • the authorized capital of 1 euro.

Bulgaria is a country with low tax rates for business, moreover registration of your own Bulgarian company will allow you to buy property and land in Bulgaria. Advantages of a Bulgarian company:

  • 10% income tax,
  • company registration up to 5 business days,
  • remote company formation,
  • the authorized capital of 1.2 euro.
Czech Republic

As Czech Republic is a centre of Europe, that jurisdiction is very popular and in high demand for business startup with a stable economy. Our specialists will assist you to create company Czech Republic and will advise on all related questions. Advantages of registering your company in Czech Republic:

  • 19% income tax
  • 15% dividend tax,
  • company registration up to 3 weeks,
  • remote company formation.

НWe will fully assist in fast German company formation for your business. Advantages of a German company:

  • company formation up to 3 weeks,
  • 15% income tax,
  • trip to Germany for company registration.

If you want a company in stabil economical environment Luxembourg is what you need. We will help you to register company and assist in ongoing company paperwork. Advantages of a Luxembourg company:

  • company formation up to 3 weeks,
  • 21% income tax,
  • 15% dividend tax.

Republic of Poland is in high demand for business registration at the moment. It has a strong economy and well-developed investment climate. We are highly experienced in Polish company formation, so will make the process smooth and easy. Advantages of a Polish company:

  • remote company formation,
  • egistration is up to 10 working days,
  • 9% corporate tax,
  • 0%-19% dividend tax.

Slovakia is the same popular country in EU for company formation as Cyprus and Malta. We will be glad to relieve you from the hassle of preparing documents, leave it with us.

  • formation up to 3 weeks,
  • remote registration,
  • 21% corporate tax.

Republic of Slovenia is well known by its economic stability and manufacturing. Our professionals with worldwide company formation experience will assist and advise on Slovenian company formation. Advantages of Slovenian company:

  • remote formation,
  • registration is up to 3 weeks,
  • 19% income tax.

Croatia is a yang and promising country for running business, and it is in the EU from 2013. This jurisdiction is very attractive by its tax system and investment climate. Advantages of Croatian company:

  • 3 weeks company formation,
  • 12% dividend tax,
  • 20% income tax,
  • remote company registration.

It is possible to register Portuguese company with 1 euro authorized capital, it is also known for its low tax rates. Our specialists will be happy to advise and help you to register a company there. Advantages of Portuguese company:

  • 19% corporate tax,
  • 3 weeks formation,
  • 25% dividend tax.
United Kingdom

United Kingdom as a jurisdiction for company formation has all the most required characteristics. We will advise on a company form specially for your business needs. Advantages of a UK company:

  • remote registration,
  • 19% corporate tax,
  • formation up to 3 business days.

Scotland is a country with standard taxation, that is why there is a possibility of opening an offshore company. We will consider your suggestions and organise everything required for Scottish company opening. Advantages of a Scottish company:

  • opportunity to open offshore company,
  • remote company formation,
  • registration up to 3 weeks.

Switzerland is different for the EA countries in its taxation, but even more stable and has a reputable status among other European countries. Advantages of a Swiss company:

  • company registration up to 3 days,
  • remote company formation,
  • 2%-6% income tax depending on canton

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